Cooking Demo Rational Combi Oven PT. Dapur Inspirasi Nusantara

At this event we will show you about

  • How to you use a Rational Combi Oven?
  • What does a Rational Combi Oven do?
  • What is a Rational Combi Oven?

The demonstration, which is free of charge, is an opportunity for you and your staff to experience the Rational combi oven first hand, to watch it in action, and to see what benefits the oven could bring to your organisation.  It's an extremely informative event, and you even get to sample some delicious food all cooked fresh in the Rational!

 To add to the excitement - Rational are introducing their new range of accessories at the demo!

We would be delighted if you could join us on the day, do please let us know if you would like to reserve any places (as spaces are limited) by return e-mail or by telephone on 0361-710948

you may able to reserve via WhatsApp using this link

Many thanks and kind regards,

PT. Dapur Inspirasi Nusantara